The following are a few images of the property near Benalla potentialy avaliable to "borrow" for a ConFest.
The property is 1500 acres in size with a smallish permanent creek. It is essentialy a slice of valley with hills on either side. A public road that runs through and divides the valley.
The creek runs along the foot of the hill on the southern side.
All of the flat land has been cleared.

This the driveway to the house.
We are looking towards the road. The property continues across the road.

This is the side of the house facing east

The church is next to the house on the east

The pink strip is the aprox location of the road.
The property continues to the skyline on the other side of the road.

Looking south from the house. The creek is at the foot of the hill

Looking across the cleared land to the hill on the south side

Kevin is a Holden car collector.

He has over 50 Holdens

The site does not appear suitable for a large Gathering. There is far too little flat treed land for camping.
The road would make security virtually impossible.

The land would be good for a small gathering, there are a thousand plus acres great for bushwalking